INTRAC presents ECK check-out counter

The new line of check-out counters synonymous of functionality and convenience

ECK is the new line of check-out counters that Intrac offers on the market at competitive prices, both in the motorised and static version. The various models available are designed to meet the needs of small and medium commercial surfaces.

The functional parts of the check-out and the technologies used, confirm the high quality standards of our brand:

  • the upper structure is in anodised aluminium and painted steel, complete with front and rear part in shock-proof soft polyurethane;

  • the tape is antistatic with double black PVC/Polyester cloth, driven by a high-power drive motor with dual sensor photocells;

  • the electronic control panel is of the Touch L type,

  • the lower supporting structure is made of rounded steel which can be painted with a choice of colours;

  • the cash-register shelf is made of black scratch-proof polypropylene.

The range of accessories available for  ECK has got  diversified components for the front operator area, for the functionality of the check-out itself and for the customer’s service.

The entire line has been designed to be disassembled in parts, for easy shipment, ensuring maximum optimisation of space and transport costs.

Discover the new section dedicated to ECK check-outs.