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The AMX35 system is characterized by its simple shapes, the quality and solidity of its structures and the comprehensive range of fittings and accessories, perfect for displaying any food or non-food product and for furnishing any commercial surface, from specialized shops to large-scale ccc distribution.

The AMX35 line, thanks to its simple design and performance characteristics, is suitable for fitting out shops and supermarkets, with an optimal price-performance ratio. Discover the display system in its complete range.


Lasting quality

Created in the 1980s, AMX35is the most widely used basic range for furnishing any commercial surface guaranteeing quality and durability. Updated over the years, it remains a strong point of our shelving lines and represents a highly competitive system in the market, loved and appreciated by many of our customers.


The AMX35 shelving is distinguished by its performance, its harmonious shapes and a wide range of finishes.


Thanks to a solid and sturdy structure, consisting of uprights with a 35 mm slot, sheet metal back panels, shelves and accessories, it offers the possibility of furnishing small or large shops with taste and contemporary displays.


Thanks to the modularity of the structures and the ease of assembly, the shelf can be configured in wall or central elements, linear or angular. A simple and functional display system for the retailer and the consumer suitable for any type of environment.

Choose the most suitable configuration for your shelf

Confidence of reliability and strength

The AMX35 is still one of INTRAC's core lines for its robustness, modularity and ease of assembly. The various standard, 4M and Discount configurations allow it to be used in the different product sectors of a shop. Its simple and regular appearance allows it to enhance the display of articles.



Standard configuration with a linear design that enhances the products displayed within the point of sale.



4M configuration with 30x30 mm front upright suitable for high flow rates, such as water and soft drinks.



Robust and simple discount configuration that puts products in the foreground.

Uprights and bases

Solid and modular structures

The uprights with 35 mm pitch slots allow a high load-bearing capacity using less steel thickness, thus achieving an optimum quality-price ratio. The bases, which are only available in the 160 mm high version, fulfil all possible space requirements within a shop.


Variable depth from 300 mm to 800 mm in 100 mm intervals to cover all possible space requirements within a shop.



Base-to-column coupling system with interlocking whose holding capacity increases in proportion to the load of the element.



The range of uprights includes depths of 30, 60 and 100 mm. The heights range from 1413 mm to 2673 mm, for the 4M the uprights have two heights 2043 and 2253 mm.

Back panels

A structure reinforced by functional back panels

The standard height is 315 mm for all back panel types except slatted. The various compositions have the possible insertion at the beginning of the sequence of a plain back panel of 105 mm, to cover all upright heights in the catalogue.


Plain back panels with simple, understated lines lend stability to the structure and suit all styles.



Backs with socket holes accommodate the components needed to power the lighting of the shelves.



Slotted back panels support accessories for hanging blistered articles or for displaying specific products.



Slatted backs support hooks for hanging blistered articles or accessories for displaying specific products.


A display surface for every need

The shelves used in the AMX35 system are designed to be integrated into the structure by following the structure's course thanks to the introduction of linear and angled shapes that allow for continuity solutions in the display, which can be adapted to the different layouts of the buildings containing the shops. The assortment includes sheet metal, grating and glass shelves without a reinforcing frame in order to meet all customer specifications and find space in the various food and non-food areas while maintaining modularity, resistance and aesthetics.


The depth of 35 mm sheet metal shelves varies from 300 mm to 800 mm at 100 mm intervals.



The depth of grid shelves is 400 or 500 mm.



The depth of frameless glass shelves is 400 or 500 mm.


Shelves and canopies

The lighting system is common to all our production lines and is also a fundamental plus in the AMX35. LINEAR lights are LEDs with a built-in power supply and 220/110 V output, depending on the market in which they are used. The sockets are inserted into a special moulded hole in the back panel. The connection cables are housed, by means of metal cable holders, under the shelf to make everything neater. The junction boxes are placed in the internal compartment between the back panels or under the base plate with suitable brackets.


Sheet metal shelf with magnetic low-energy LED lights.



Backs with socket holes for housing lighting systems.



Frameless glass shelves with 220/110V output LED lights and upper blind ceiling light that illuminates the entire element.

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