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Use all the space you need
Janus back panels can be mounted centrally or set back, depending on the element, resulting in an increase of up to 10 cm in display area per shelf.


Solid and modular structures

IMZ25 Janus is the product variant that allows you to use the space between the uprights as loading space, thereby optimizing the relationship between the product display areas and the passageways in the sales area. In the wall and header elements, the display space is increased by mounting the back panel in a rearward position, an innovative solution patented by us.


The same range of structural components, fittings and accessories already used in the standard variant is retained, allowing the same display solutions to be realized for the various product categories and article types.


The use of thicker back panels and shapes that stiffen the structure make the system just as performant as the standard version. It maintains its modularity and flexibility with an even more attractive design that exploits the curved lines of the back panels.


Suitable for decorating any type of surface, it provides a viable alternative to the basic product.

Choose the most suitable configuration for your shelf

The maximum achievable depth

The use of the single back panel allows maximum exploitation of the depth of the system. This is even more evident in the wall-mounted or headboard versions where the back panel can be placed in a rearward position, a solution we have patented. The 4M and 4M advanced configurations can reach a net depth of 900 mm while maintaining the load capacity typical of these structures.


Even in the Discount configuration, a high level of strength and solidity is achieved in both the central gondola version and in the rear wall version, while allowing a net gain in space of 100 mm, to be exploited in the overall load or aisle passage.

Standard configuration that enhances the displayed products by exploiting all the space required.

4M configuration with 30x30 mm front upright suitable for high flow rates, such as water and soft drinks.

Advanced 4M configuration with 30x30 back upright for high flow rates and continuous facing.

Robust and simple discount configuration to leave the view solely on the product

Uprights and bases

Solid and modular structures

The uprights, thanks to their internal slots, allow the attachment of back panels in a central or backward position, so that the space inside the upright can also be utilized, and thanks to their 25 mm pitch, they allow for a meticulous adjustment of the components to minimise the gaps between the shelves. The result is a more pleasing display without penalising strength and capacity. The range has various heights to choose from up to a maximum limit that would compromise the load capacity.


Variable depth from 250 mm to 800 mm at 50 mm intervals to cover all space requirements within a shop.



Variable depth from 250 mm to 800 mm at 50 mm intervals to facilitate floor cleaning.



The range of uprights includes depths of 30, 70 and 100 mm. The heights range from 1016 mm to 2416 mm in 100 mm intervals.

Back panels

A structure reinforced by functional back panels

The unique double-sided back panel is the best performing back panel on the commercial equipment market today, with a system featuring few components to make assembly as simple as possible.


IMZ25 Janus back panels have a 'wave' shape that has the dual function of stiffening the structure and improving the design.



Composition for 100 mm uprights with Janus back panels in central position and notched shelves with an increase in display space of 5 cm.



Composition for wall and headboard with 70 or 100 mm uprights with Janus back panels in a rear position and shelves with extension with an increase in display space of up to 10 cm.


A display surface for every need

The shelves of the IMZ25 Janus system fill the space left vacant by the use of single double-sided back panels, offering a wider display surfacefor the products on sale. The range includes different types of shelves with generic or dedicated accessories, necessary to meet all types of requirements.


The depth of 25 mm sheet metal shelves varies from 250 mm to 800 mm at 50 mm intervals.



The depth of the 17-mm sheet metal shelves ranges from 250 mm to 550 mm in 50-mm intervals.



The depth of the mm gridded shelves ranges from 300 mm to 600 mm at 50 mm intervals.



Depth of framed glass shelves mm varies from 300 mm to 600 mm at 100 mm intervals.



Depth of flush shelves with rod mm varies from 300 mm to 600 mm at 50 mm intervals.



The depth of wire shelves without rod mm varies from 300 mm to 600 mm at 50 mm intervals.


Shelves and canopies

The lighting system of the IMZ25 Janus retains part of the solutions of the standard version. The lights are LEDs with 24 V output and an external ballast. The connection to the ballast is via a magnetic track that can be shortened to size on site and positioned on the free side of the upright. A slot is provided in the cut-out or extension for the passage of the track. The ceiling lights clip into the shelf of the shelving unit and catch the customer's eye in the elements where they are positioned.


LED lighting with magnets for attachment to the steel shelf.



Electrified magnetic track required for illuminating shelves with low-energy LED lights.



Sheet metal shelf with groove for housing the electrified track.



Curved ceiling light with upward light for illuminating communication panels or downward light for illuminating displayed products.



Ceiling light with natural light that highlights the entire element on which it is positioned.



Framed glass shelves with low-energy LED lights and an upper LED ceiling light that highlights the entire element.

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