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The display space that enhances products
The back panels are positioned frontally flush with the upright and the display surface corresponds to the actual measurements of the shelves used.


Solid and modular structures

IMZ25 Standard is the product variant recommended for fitting supermarkets and hypermarkets, food and non-food. The wide range, complete with structural components, fittings, general and dedicated accessories, display cabinets and reserves, and lighting systems, allows exhibition solutions for every merchandise category and product type.


Our standard IMZ25 shelves are robustand capable of high load capacities.


Die Modularität der Elemente bietet maximale Flexibilität bei der Geschäftseinrichtung, unter Berücksichtigung der Vielfalt der auszustellenden Artikel, der Werbeaktionen und der Saisonalität derselben.


The accurate design is intended to give the greatest visibility to the goods on display.


The elements can be configured in murals, gondolas or headboards, with standard components only or with the inclusion of tailor-made customization, to enhance the products on sale or to reinforce the communicative image of the brand.


The IMZ25 Standard version is ideal for furnishing any type of shop and for realising functional and identifying distribution formats for large retail chains.

Choose the most suitable configuration for your shelf

Strong, solid and robust

Available in multiple configurations, the IMZ25 remains a basic product whose load capacity is among the best on the market. Thanks to the addition of structural components, such as 30x30 mm uprights or reinforcing rods, this feature is increased to the point where it can be a valid alternative to industrial-type shelving for use in the sales area.


The 4M and advanced 4M configurations can handle high capacity products such as water and soft drinks while maintaining the same attractive design within the point of sale. In the advanced 4M version the reinforcing upright disappears from view, providing a continuous facing in line with the rest of the shelving.


For the discount a range is proposed that combines high robustness performance with a simple line that tends to disappear, leaving the view of only the product packed in boxes.



Standard configuration with a linear design that enhances the products displayed within the point of sale.



4M configuration with 30x30 mm front upright suitable for high flow rates, such as water and soft drinks.



Advanced 4M configuration with 30x30 back upright for high flow rates and continuous facing.



Robust and simple discount configuration to leave the view solely on the product.

Uprights and bases

Solid and modular structures

The 25 mm pitch slotted uprights allow for an adjustment of the fittings that eliminates gaps between elements, optimizing the display while maintaining the capacity. The bases, thanks to an innovative assembly system, guarantee a solid structure resistant to high loads.


Variable depth from 250 mm to 800 mm at 50 mm intervals to cover all space requirements within a shop.



Variable depth from 250 mm to 800 mm at 50 mm intervals to facilitate floor cleaning.



The range of uprights includes depths of 30, 70 and 100 mm. The heights range from 1016 mm to 3616 mm at 100 mm intervals.

Back panels

A structure reinforced by functional back panels

The standard height of the backs is 400 mm for each type. The various compositions have a starting offset and a 'joker' back panel, the 100 mm sheet metal back panel, to allow all upright heights to be set up.


The plain back panels, with their modern design and horizontal ribbing, suit every style trend and lend solidity to every structure.



Slotted back panels support accessories for hanging blistered articles or for displaying specific products.



Slatted backs support hooks for hanging blistered articles or accessories for displaying specific products.



Backs with socket holes accommodate the components needed to power the lighting of the shelves.



The lighted back panel in backlit polycarbonate is ideal for highlighting the goods displayed on the shelves.



The rail back panel is designed to accommodate an electrified track to power the illuminated shelves.


A display surface for every need

The shelves represent the strong point of the IMZ25 Standard system in that, although they have adopted the criterion of making the front thickness compact and barely visible, they have maintained a high loading capacity. The wide range includes shelves in sheet metal, in grating, in wire with and without price rod, in glass with and without reinforcing frame and in wood in order to embrace all possible customer and designer requirements and brand specifications.


The depth of 25 mm sheet metal shelves varies from 250 mm to 800 mm at 50 mm intervals.



The depth of the 17-mm sheet metal shelves ranges from 250 mm to 550 mm in 50-mm intervals.



The depth of the mm gridded shelves ranges from 300 mm to 600 mm at 50 mm intervals.



Depth of framed glass shelves mm varies from 300 mm to 600 mm at 100 mm intervals.



The depth of frameless glass shelves mm varies from 300 mm to 500 mm at 100 mm intervals.



Depth of flush shelves with rod mm varies from 300 mm to 600 mm at 50 mm intervals.



The depth of wire shelves without rod mm varies from 300 mm to 600 mm at 50 mm intervals.


Shelves, backs and canopies

The lighting system of the IMZ25 Standard represents a complete solution capable of handling the totality of shelf-side situations. The lights are either LED with built-in power supply and 220/110 V output or external power supply with 24 V output. The lighting assemblies are equipped with magnetic supports, for fixing on the steel shelf, and with screws in the case of wooden shelves. The ceiling lights clip onto the shelf of the shelving unit and help to draw the end customer's attention to predefined points of interest.


High-efficiency LED panel designed to offer maximum output in terms of beam spread.



Electrified magnetic track required for illuminating shelves with low-energy LED lights.



Sheet metal shelf with groove for housing the electrified track.



Ceiling light with natural LED light that highlights the products displayed on the entire element.



Curved ceiling light with upward light for illuminating communication panels or downward light for illuminating displayed products.



Glass shelves with frame and with LED lights 220/110V output and upper ceiling light that illuminates the entire element.


Design, transparency and functionality integrated in the shelf

The extreme neatness of the design and the perfect finish make MaxLux display cabinets an essential complement in the shop fitting. The showcases can be installed in any point of sale fitted out with the IMZ25 Standard system, using the existing structure as a base. This plus allows the continuity of the display by allowing the use of the range of accessories for backs, bars and all types of shelves.


Each Maxlux showcase attaches to the upright and can be suspended or resting on the base shelf.



Maxlux reserves with sliding glass doors attach to the upright and rest on the base shelf.



Maxlux drawer cabinets with one or two drawers clip onto the upright and rest on the base shelf.

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