Intrac SpA has constantly been committed to the certification of management systems, guided by the idea that entrepreneurial skills shall always be recognized. In line with this approach, its organization has been endowed with efficient management, proper skills and suitable internal structures, that ensure high reliability to all its customers, suppliers, employees and partners.
The prestigious organization selected for assessing the company management systems is IMQ, one of the Italian, most important certifying bodies, which is also a renowned European leader in the evaluation of safety, quality and sustainability compliance in Italy and abroad, as well as in the inspection and certification of industrial, service and manufacturing sectors.




  • UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification Quality management systems since 2003
  • UNI EN ISO 14001 Certification Environmental management system since 2006
  • UNI EN ISO 45001 Certification: 2018 Management systems for health and safety at work since 2020.
Intrac Spa has adequated its integrated quality management system environment and safety to the new revisions of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 as confirmed by the issuance of CSQ certifications by the IMQ certification body in February 2018. The transition from BS OHSAS 18001 (acquired in May 2018) to ISO 45001:2018 was conducted in May 2020.




  • It promotes a working culture shared by the whole company and based on professionalism
  • It increases credibility and grants customers’ trust
  • It enhances the organization quality and performance
  • It improves context understanding, interested parties analyses and risk monitoring
  • It boosts competitive advantage
  • It opens to new export markets
  • It helps acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones
  • It allows competing with the biggest companies
  • It strengthens marketing strategies
  • It supports the adoption of a company policy based on the respect of environment and territory
  • It ensures a systematic and ordered approach to environmental emergencies
  • It eases the respect of the law in force on environment and workplace safety and health
  • It reduces waste (in terms of consumption of water, energy resources, etc.)
  • It diminishes accidents and near-misses
  • It decreases environmental and workplace health and safety crimes
  • It involves the staff in a motivating project
  • It supports the organization in the reduction of the environmental impact factors in time, by means of an effective management system
  • It grants to customers, suppliers, employees and partners a reliability, which is even more valid because of the prestigious name of the certifying body
  • It proves that the organization is customer focused, endowed with means to monitor and improve customer satisfaction, and committed to increasing customer satisfaction and retention
  • It promotes decisions on technological investment and/or change




Prevention, environmental respect in any daily activities, and concern for scant natural resources are the key pillars of environmental management system. Since years ago, Intrac SpA, has been controlling and reducing the environmental impact of its industrial activities, by using advanced production systems and by constantly improving its product performance in terms of safety, health and environmental impact.
Intrac SpA also monitors the environmental impacts associated to the product life cycle, by applying the studies of Screening Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) The approach is cradle-to-gate, as proposed by the standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 means that all the different stages of production are taken into consideration, from the extraction of raw materials to the packing activities that are carried out before dispatching the goods.